Hear What Attendees Have to Say About Taking a Class with Adam Hergenrother


If you are an agent wanting to grow a business without limits, you not only should take this course, but you need to go out and buy a separate notebook for it that you can refer back to over and over again. In Adam’s course, you will design your future self, commit to self mastery, and design your business and life without limits. When you commit to taking on mastering yourself, your world changes. Layer the self mastery with the 10,000  hours to master your business, then layer that with a schedule to reflect it, and that is when the magic happens.  

HRG uses a “play book” for every aspect of their business… lead gen, new agent onboarding, first 90 days of every role, scripts library, etc.  We have now implemented this and are audio, video, and screen-recording anything that could be used for training. 

I love Adam’s road map for growth and opportunity within his organization. This way, it is the standards that become your bad guy, not you. “Don’t ever hire someone that won’t survive in Gary Keller’s world.” <<<< Rinse and Repeat!!!  

In a nutshell, our business is a conduit for our personal growth. Every day there will be problems that if embraced, we will learn, grow, and kick butt. By creating a business without limits, we are creating a life without limits and empowering others to do the same. I highly recommend you register for Business Without Limits with Adam Hergenrother right away and take the class more than once! – Sue Adler, The Sue Adler Team, Keller Williams Premier Properties

“If you haven’t had a chance to spend some time with Adam, you owe it to yourself and business to make that happen ASAP. And bring a friend or two!” – Adam Churchhill, The Vanguard Group, KWSouthern Arizona

“When I’m around great people like Adam and his team I leave a better bigger thinker and a better person. Personal growth is so important to me.”

“Adam’s raw honesty and transparency is refreshing. And his authenticity serves as a cornerstone for the messages he delivers throughout the day. Adam shares his step-by-step approach on how to build a massive life, full of rich experiences and abundance. The day spent with Adam is a powerful journey, to say the least.”- Brian Gubernick, Mega Agent & Empire Builder


“Adam is inspiring, engaging, and funny. I would take his class a dozen more times, as well as anything else he teaches.”

“I love seeing Adam teach. He has a great interactive style and peppers in pertinent stories to help cement the content.”

“Adam Hergenrother, by far, is the best speaker I have seen since joining Keller Williams two years ago.”

“Adam is a powerful speaker and presenter who delivers content we can implement in our lives and business immediately.”

“Adam’s transparent, real and willing to share the challenges that he’s gone through and still some that he’s working on. I would encourage anyone to go and see him.”

“Thanks, Adam, for your time and knowledge. You’ve made an impact on our lives and businesses in more ways than you can measure.”

“It was a privilege to listen to Adam speak. I love that you can see the true humility of a person through their words, despite the amount of success he has achieved.”

“Adam is very inspiring, and it is amazing to hear his story about how he built his empire. He has really opened my eyes to the path I need to follow.”

“Adam has a no-bullshit leadership style that fueled my attention. I realized how much I had let fear hold me back in life. Stories or results!”

“Adam helped me discover what I was really afraid of and what was holding me back from being successful.”

“Adam is a powerful speaker and presenter who delivers content we can implement in our lives and business immediately.”


“Adam’s energy was on another level from start to finish, leaving everyone in attendance on a high that they continue to talk about his seminar daily.”

“Adam’s energy lifted our office to new heights. My agents expanded their thinking and are on their way to ripping away the limits inside their thinking!”

“Adam combines energy, knowledge and insight to delivery high-value content that you can immediately implement in your life!”