Becca Shanahan-Galligani

Meet Becca Shanahan-Galligani, Director of Operations

Becca Shanahan-GalliganiRebecca Shanahan-Galligani was a KW MCA for 10 years in the New England Region and quickly rose to the top 10 percent of all MCAs in Keller Williams within two years.

Her expertise in Market Center Operations brought her to work with the MCA Support Division in 2007, where she continues to provide training and consulting on Market Center Operations in addition to her role as Director of Operation for HRG. Rebecca was part of the team that brought Keller Williams Market Centers to 98 percent profitability.

Over the last 11 years, Rebecca has trained at Keller Williams Family Reunion for nine years, written KWU courses on Operations and Systems and was the first MCA KW Approved Trainer.


  • Coaching operational staff
  • Supporting others to achieve higher levels
  • Superior customer service and experiences
  • Team building


  • Creating and implementing superior systems
  • Fiscal analysis and budgeting
  • Creating and sustaining great relationships with team members


  • Systems Without Limits
  • Recruiting empire builders
  • Systems and tools
  • Finance – Managing your P&L